• 28 March 2014

    Urbian launches South Africa's first crowdsourced education platform. We're upgrading South African minds one lesson at a time. Read More


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  • Yesterday 10:37 AM
    Panasonic has developed the first indoor farm:


Since our inception in 2006, we've been creating experiences that transform the way people interact with brands.

  • time spent on the job

    3,020 Days
  • total projects launched

  • most recent business trip

    Cape Town - Jo'burg
  • Stand out Project Currently Working on

    A Strategy to Help Change the behaviour of South African's Towards Saving Money.


Our suite of services are all geared to create digital campaigns, products and services that help brands thrive in a connected world. Our single purpose is to enhance the customer experience, making valuable connections between people and brands.

People like us. People like you.

  • IP.


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    We believe in the power and value of ideas, consequently we develop, incubate, invest in and curate new ideas, products and properties. The risk is shared and so is the revenue the new venture or business makes.
  • Strategy.


    Our approach to strategy begins at digital. Because more and more, people’s primary interaction with your brand takes place here. We work with you to uncover how you should behave in this evolving landscape — through a process that's as open and collaborative as the medium is.
  • Planning.


    Designing and building interactive solutions for recognised brands requires more than just top-class creative and technical skills. It relies on an experienced project management team and a methodology that encompasses business focus, flexibility and an emphasis on quality. Urbian has an established process that combines strategic thinking, Agile development methods and milestone planning and resource allocation.
  • Marketing.


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    Let's not think small. Let's stake out new territory and make it a place people love. Let's start our own country. Our thirst for innovation and for storytelling leads us to new places, where brands entertain, inform and engage.
  • Advertising.


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    Banners and other forms of online advertising are an important means of getting your message out. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make interacting with a digital ad worth a consumer’s time. We think data is essential to accomplishing this, whether optimizing a campaign long term to make it more relevant to an audience or using adaptive media to change visuals and messaging on the fly.
  • Campaigns.


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    More and more effective integrated campaigns need to live across multiple channels. They start from a digital centre and branch out to outbound messaging on TV, print, and out of home. Because of our unique approach, we create campaigns that are integrated and consistent in ways that go beyond the superficial. The result is work that consumers want to engage with and share with others.
  • Apps.


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    We’ve learned that a branded application that provides utility can be the single most powerful way of engaging customers. As applications become more a part of the fabric of daily life, we are dedicated to finding new ways of leveraging them for our clients—always with the user experience in mind.
  • Social.


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    We love community. With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web's fabric, we work with brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences, understand how companies are perceived, or even to bring entirely new communities together. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective behavior, as well as experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained.
  • Mobile.


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    Right now, in your purse or your front pocket, you're probably toting a device that's more powerful than your first computer: a connected device that can deliver moments of timely, location-specific, deeply-relevant engagement. Our mobile work taps into the power of these moments.
  • Web UI.

    Web UI.

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    Websites have evolved into dynamic, complex platforms. They require a sophisticated blend of interaction design, information architecture and content strategy. And our multi-disciplinary team has just the right mix.
  • UX.


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    We help you make a success of your digital product, be it a website, an application or software. We do this by providing user experience research, strategy, design and evaluation services. We work hard with you to produce a measurably more profitable product and one which your users will love.
  • Design.


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    Of course our visual department builds brands through the core tenets of graphic design. But in the digital space, collaboration with other disciplines and aptitudes is critical. We work with interaction designers to create beautiful, functional, useful interfaces, and we work with copywriters to make brand messages even clearer and more powerful.
  • Touch.


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    We love the mouse. But who doesn't want to just poke, grab, and drag with their hands? Creating simple, organic interactions for touch-screens means considering everything from screen size and position to the width of a human fingertip.
  • Video.


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    Drawing on our heritage of television production, we have produced hundreds of videos, from live action to animation. Our work runs from the development of content strategy to production and content syndication.
  • Games.


    Drawing on our heritage of television production, we have produced hundreds of videos, from live action to animation. Our work runs from the development of content strategy to production and content syndication.
  • OOH.


    Urbian loves digital in real life. We look for new and innovative ways to extend the narrative we build through our digital platforms and campaigns into the realm of physical experience, using the novelty of the ephemeral to make lasting impressions. Through branded, technology-driven moments, Urbian creates opportunities for customers to become participants.
  • Analytics.


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    First, we observe. What does the data reveal? What does it say about the audience and what they want? How can it make our work smarter, more creative, and more effective? Data not only measures success, but also plays an indispensable role in strategy. We use data continually to improve the user experience and help our clients achieve their goals.
  • SEO.


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    Search is part technology, part analytics and part media. But we think it is so important we want to talk about it separately. Search is like breathing for the digital consumer. People will search for a name rather than trying it first as a It is where we all start to find out about anything and everything. Understanding how to influence natural search and to maximize paid search (PPC) is a primary component of every Urbian strategy.
  • visitors to websites created by urbian

    1.2 million
  • average time spent on websites we've created

    8 minutes 12 seconds
  • top offering growth rate

    Social: 25% UX: 42% Strategy: 53% Mobile: 68%


  • last project

    Drive Dry.
  • most exciting part of the project

    Getting a country to change it's behaviour.
  • Overtime worked

  • Involvement

    Lead Digital Agency.
  • standout innovation

    Using Facebook events to get Real World Rewards.


Everyone that works here has a desire to create user experiences that people fall in love with. Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at Urbian, what gets people hired is the fit. We tend to find that when talented people fit well together, great work is the result and fun is had in the process.

  • You're a natural negotiator that can manage and meet client expectations, work with budgets, collaborate closely with a digital producer - and make it look easy in the process. You under promise and over deliver. And you've got a whole lot of street cred.
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  • You have a passion for leading user-testing sessions so that you can evaluate existing user experiences. In everything that you do, you are sharp, quick, and consistent. More importantly you have an empathetic view of the user, which allows you to interpret your findings into a systematic design solution.
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  • Are you a code ninja that loves everything to do with the modern web? Urbian is looking for someone like you! If you are suited for the job, follow the link.
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  • You are a really smart person, you actually are a nerd deep inside. You are keen to get some experience on the ground with some of our veterans. As a Urbian Intern, you’ll dig in and get your hands dirty learning, collaborating, working on real projects and experiencing what it’s like to work at Urbian.
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  • 28 March 2014

    Urbian launches South Africa's first crowdsourced education platform. We're upgrading South African minds one lesson at a time. Read More

  • 21 June 2013

    The Drive Dry platform, is featured on eNCA Tech Report. Read More



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