Online credit reports that are quick, easy and free.

Brand Identity

The brief

FRANK.NET approached us to help with a challenge they were facing with obtaining the right customers – they were struggling to acquire quality leads as well as retain these leads.

Instead of defaulting to an advertising campaign, we wanted to bring something more useful to the customer. We identified online credit reports as an opportunity.

Current South African services are expensive, difficult to understand and designed for actuaries instead of the everyday user. Our solution for this was to build a beautiful, free and useful credit check tool with its own identity – Fido. By providing people with something useful and helpful to use, we would be able to acquire more qualitative leads for FRANK.NET and attempt to sell insurance options from the brand at a more relevant time in the customer journey.

Hello Fido

We wanted the brand identity to be something helpful and friendly, and so we envisioned the personality of a dog as a mascot and called him Fido – the most popular dog name in the world.

Making credit checks easy to understand, for everyone.

We wanted to create the simplest, fastest and most useful credit check tool yet, and so we started by learning what consumers wanted from a credit check and why. We needed to ensure accuracy and relevance and were faced with a few key decisions.

Firstly we needed to figure out what people wanted to see in a credit report. We worked with the Experian API as well as their team to not only find the correct data, but also understand it. We chose to display only the most relevant data and bunched it into digestible chunks.

Secondly we needed to communicate results in a way that the user could quickly understand where they were succeeding and where there were problems.

The most important thing to know is why your credit score is what it is.

We used a combination of illustration, animation, colour and copy to do this.

This credit check tool is awesome! I realised I have pretty good credit, and we’re almost halfway to paying off our house!

Melissa from Cape Town

Thirdly, we wanted to advertise insurance options from FRANK.NET in an unobtrusive way. We did this by incorporating banners within the results content that felt part of the experience by using the same design style. We also provided insurance discounts and offers as “bones” – yummy treats from Fido, which the user could access and sign up for at any time.

The results

Fido has had over 15K sign ups and fetched over 30K credit reports. The Account Manager at Experian – the biggest credit bureau in South Africa – had this to say about it:

This is the best credit check we’ve seen and used to date. Well done!

Tracy Koekemoer, Experian Account Manager

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